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How to Dramatically Reduce Your Ink and Toner Costs

How to Dramatically Reduce Your Ink and Toner Costs

One of the major expenses that business owners incur is that of buying printer cartridges.  Since the invention of printers it seems that companies have been trying to convince their customers that the only solution to needing more ink is buying a new cartridge directly from the manufacturer of their printer.  While this is definitely one solution, it is neither the best nor the most cost effective way to run your business.  As you have probably noticed, ink and toner prices are drastically inflated to the point that you find yourself cringing every time you hit the print button.

No more.  You have found the answers to saving money on your ink and toner costs.  Here are our top three ways to drastically reduce your ink and toner costs.

Get Refilled

When your ink or toner cartridge runs low, there is no need to make a run for the store.  You no longer have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on ink.  Now you can have your ink and toner cartridges safely and professionally refilled.  Rather than buying a whole new cartridge, refilling can be done at a fraction of the cost and without losing print quality.  Using a professional refilling service gives you the peace of mind that your ink is in good hands.

Buy Generic

When you do have to buy a new cartridge –either because yours is damaged or worn out – you can choose to buy a generic brand.  Generic brands can save you a bundle on ink and toner cartridges and can be refilled, sometimes more easily than name brand products.  These inks are manufactured to be as close as possible to the manufacturer’s cartridges and you will not be able to tell a difference in the quality of the ink.

Take Care of Your Cartridge

The best way to ensure that your cartridge can be refilled multiple times is to take care of it.  This means that once the print quality becomes affected by low ink levels, you take the cartridge out and bring it in to be refilled.  Running your cartridge dry can damage it and render it incapable of being refilled.  Also, keep an extra set of cartridges on hand so that you can just swap them out when the ink gets low without losing any production time.

These simple tricks can make a huge difference in your bottom line.  You will be shocked at how much you can save on your ink and toner costs using these techniques.



7 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Ink Cartridge and Make it Last Longer


7 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Ink Cartridge and Make it last Longer!

Some people see refilling cartridges as a waste of money for one reason or another.

However, many do not realise that buying new ink cartridges is a lot more expensive than refilling your old ones. Some cartridges are actually as expensive as some printers. So refilling can save you a lot of money.


Asides from saving you money, refilling empty cartridges contributes to minimising environmental waste. In a 2005 study conducted by NSW Department of Environment and Conservation, every 10 tons of recovered waste i.e. reused cartridges is the equivalent to taking four cars off the road permanently, or the annual electricity requirements of 14.5 households and saves enough water to fill 3.5 average backyard swimming pools.


So the big question is: how can you make your ink cartridges last longer and reap the benefits?


If you want your ink cartridges to last longer and get the best performance from them, it is imperative that you follow some of the best practices for ink cartridges care.


Knowing the Best Time to Refill


There are different signs to look out for so you know when the ink is getting low. These signs may be deterioration in the quality of print like blurred text or fading and other forms of lose in the colour of images. Some printers have indicators to show low ink cartridges. When this happens, it’s best to immediately have your ink cartridges refilled.


Most people have their cartridge refilled when it is totally empty. However, this practice is one of the fastest ways to ruin your cartridge. The ink acts as coolant for the print head nozzle. If you continuously print with an almost empty cartridge, it burns out. Say goodbye to your cartridge if this happens because it will become too unstable for refilling and the unusable.


Handling and Care for Refillable Ink Cartridges


We cannot stress more the importance of handling cartridges with care. Our main purpose is to increase the life of your ink cartridge. You can do your bit to prevent damage to the cartridge. Here are seven ink cartridge care tips:


  1. To prevent the ink from drying out, store an ink cartridge in an airtight or zip-lock plastic bag and keep it in a cool and dry place. Do not expose to sunlight or heat.

  2. Keep the cartridge in a head-down position. This will keep it moist and will help prevent cross-contamination of colours.

  3. Avoid touching any electronic parts of the cartridge. This may disrupt or damage your printer-cartridge connection.

  4. For colour ink cartridges, do not use a plastic container when bringing it to refilling stations. Instead, use the original box or cover the print head with a paper towel to prevent cross contamination of colours.

  5. When putting or removing the ink cartridge to and from the printer, do it carefully. Do not force the cartridge in and out or you could damage the circuit board.

  6. Do not contact with the print head directly as this will likely create permanent damage to the cartridge.

  7. If you are not using your printer often, run a test print each week. This will help you determine the condition of your cartridge or if it needs cleaning. This will also prevent it from drying up. Run a cleaning cycle in order to maintain the good condition of the cartridge and to keep the nozzle working.


Your ink cartridge can last for a very long time with proper care and maintenance. The above tips are just some of the basic things that you could do to extend its life.


If you have other tips that you want to share, Ink Gallery gladly welcomes them. Feel free to leave a comment.

Printer Waste Tank Error–How to fix it!

Printer Waste Tank Error - How to Fix it!

Over the last few weeks we have been getting phone calls from customers wondering if we can give them advice on what to do when they get an error message on their printer saying that their ink reserve tank is full.

This error message about the ink reserve tank is to fool customers into thinking that their printer is on its way out!

This can easy be fixed and the Ink Gallery Team is here to give you a step by step DIY on how to clean your ink reserve tank.

There are two ways of cleaning the ink reserve tank in your printer. You can either access it quickly and easily or get more invasive and take the printer apart. Both of these ways will allow the printer to be cleaned and to continue operating.

Step 1

Turn the printer off and unplug it to avoid any involuntary mechanical movement, or electrocution. Have cotton tips, cotton wool balls, and paper towels set aside and ready.

Step 2

Now on this part, you can decide to either open the door to access the ink cartridge area, or remove a couple screws holding the printer together. Taking it completely apart isn't always necessary, however if you do so, set aside a tray for all the screws and make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to complete the task effectively.

Look closely at how it all fits together, so you can memorise its order when you get back to putting it back together. Be sure to handle each piece with care and you only need to get a far as where the cartridges usually sit when the printer is on.

Step 3

Finding the location of the ink reserve is pretty easy. They are just under where the ink cartridges would sit if the printer were on. Using a small flashlight is useful in this step as well if you don't want to get your hands dirty looking for it.

Step 4

Take one of the paper towels you set aside and begin to gently wipe out the excess ink. You can dampen the paper towels or cotton balls, but don't overdo it because you do not want any water in there when you have finished the job. The cotton tips are perfect for getting into the more difficult angels if you decide that you don’t want to take your printer apart.

Step 5

When you can no longer see any ink on the wipes, you can put it all back together, or close the door. Then turn the printer on and you are all set to go!

The final step is easy

Contact the Ink Gallery Nowra and we will arrange for your refill cartridges to get your printer into ultimate printing form.

Cleaning your ink reserve tank is easy and much more cost effective than buying a whole new printer. Following these steps will help ensure a longer lasting, more efficient printer. Here at the Ink Gallery Team, we want nothing but the best for you and your desktop equipment.

Top Tips for Buying a New Printer!


Shopping for a printer can be confusing as you are choosing between different brands at a range of different highly competitive prices.

Printer sales provide you with so much information and give you a range of features that the purchase can be overwhelming. One thing that retailers neglect to tell you is how to keep your printer going with ink cartridges and information about ink refills.

Printer Tip One:

Know your needs and requirements!

Are you using your printer with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC? Looking for a printer with multi adaptors so that you can connect it to all of your devices and print away!

Some printers come with their own unique email address attached to the server. When looking to print with one of these printers the item will be sent to the email address first then printed.

Printers can also print through a Wi-Fi network!

Printer Tip Two:

Ink or Laser?

When shopping for a printer you should know the difference between purchasing ink and laser jet printers.

Inkjet printers use liquid ink cartridges that are easy to refill and easy to use, they provide a versatile printing solution as well as produce high quality colour printing and photo like copies.

Laser printers are generally better used for black and white printing only as the quality isn’t as high – hence why the cartridges are cheaper to buy.


Printers can be costly if you are purchasing retail ink cartridges compared to seeking out cartridge refills. Printer manufacturers make the purchase price these days much lower as they understand that they will recoup money down the track when you pay for new printer cartridges.

Some people go so far as to throw their old printer out as the prices for new cartridges are so exorbitant! This is not only terrible for the environment and landfill but it is not a cost effective printing solution.

By using refillable cartridges you are saving the environment and money.

Think smart, do your research when shopping for a printer and happy printing!

My Printer is Making me Angry!


Printers and printer cartridges should make business easier, so when in the workplace and your printer fails or your cartridges run dry they can cause us frustration and anger.

There always seems to be an abundance of people in our offices who don’t have a clue on how to change the printer cartridge and when the cartridge is empty WW3 breaks out.

Your office manager is normally the one who gets called on in these sorts of emergencies and is the individual responsible for calming the employ printer cartridge situation.

You can avoid the pressure of an empty cartridge is by following these simple steps:

  1. Keep a look out for “Low on Ink” of “Toner Low” alerts. Once these alerts come up you should ensure that you have a spare toner or printer cartridge on hand ready to refill. If you printer is not changed during this period you will have low quality printing and fades through your printing. The ink Gallery can ensure that you have stocked up your printer and toner cartridge supplies before this occurs.
  2. Use your Ink Cartridge refill within 6 months of purchase to avoid wasting your money and going over the expiration date.
  3. Don’t attempt to refill your cartridge with ink yourself; it can damage your machine causing you expensive repairs that are outside of your manufacturers warranty.
  4. Maintain your machine and ensure that you have a professional service your machine on a regular basis.

The Ink Gallery Nowra can provide you with the right advice for your printer and ensure that you are purchasing the right cartridges for your machine.

Refilling Printer cartridges – why we do it?

Refilling Printer Cartridges - Why we do it?

The cost of printer cartridges and ink refills can cost almost as much as a new printer, and buying  a brand new printer every time is a waste of time, money and terrible for the environment as they need to be disposed of via the correct electronic waste facilities.

Here are some excellent reasons as why you SHOULD choose to refill your cartridges.

Inkjet cartridges run on liquid inks that come in black, cyan, magenta and yellow. By using a business that professionally refills ink jet cartridges you can be assured that you will obtain the highest grade quality ink ensuring your printing gives off vibrant, clean, quality printing.. Every time!

Cartridge refills save you a bucket load of money! The Ink Gallery Nowra, will save a business stacks of cash, as well as the guarantee that is on offer or 100% of your money back should you not be satisfied.

Refilling your cartridges is an excellent way to save the environment. Every time a plastic printer cartridge is disposed of it is adding to landfill.

Refilling cartridges is an excellent sustainable and money saving idea, however don’t get caught up in the idea of saving money and try to refill your cartridges yourself as you can do major damage to your printer that isn’t under the manufacturers warranty.

Leave your refilling to the professionals, it makes more sense and saves more dollars!

Warning! Dirty Printer Secrets

Warning - Do Not Recognize your Printer Cartridge

The Dirty Printer Secrets your printer and cartridge manufacturer don't want you to know.

Do you know if your computer does automatic updates on your printer. The biggest Dirty Printer Secret, hidden firm wear updates into your printers. If not check it out.

Your printer supplier will do firmware updates for security reasons.

They will load a virus into your cartridge to disable it from being refilled.

Your cartridge will be given a serial number, and your printers program will remember it.

This ensures you can not refill or use a compatible cartridge, forcing you to buy the original expensive brands.

At  the moment we only have reports on some models from HP, HP61 cartridges doing this on the latest models.

For now there is only one way around this; DO NOT DO ANY PRINTER UPDATES!

Untick automatic updates in your printer set-up program, this will prevent  firm wear  programs controlling your cartridge (refilled or compatibles) types used. Take control of your printer, download your printer manual, and stop this dirty printer secret and enjoy printing again.

The remanufacturing industry is awear of this and is working on a solution.

For other problems relating to your printer the following will normally work;

Printer Reset Guide:

  • Take all cartridges out of the printer
  • Turn off the Power
  • Unplug from the wall
  • Leave off for min 3-5 minutes
  • Plug back into wall
  • Turn power back on  to printer, & turn on the printer
  • Put cartridges back into printer, one at a time as requested by printer.
  • Do 2-3 print head cleans & maintenance as normal.
  • Clean the copper contact points on the cartridge face and inside your printer to ensure good communication
  • Warning - Do not download firm wear (virus) updates from the printer manufacturer.It will give you a code "cartridge not recognized", & stop the use of Refills or Compatible cartridges.
  • Check Web page FAQ for more information
  • More updates will be added as they come to hand, & YouTube guides for fixes.

Hope this help you all,

From the team at Ink Gallery Nowra




Ink Cartridges – The Real Story!

What is the real story about reconditioned Ink Cartridges and how do they work?

Another question on everyone’s lips is “should I be refilling my ink cartridges” and “will it really save me money”?

The answer is yes, yes and yes!

The manufacturers of the ink cartridges tell you NOT to refill your ink cartridges and doing so can cause malfunctions, damage the print head and maybe even the warranty. However this is just a ploy to keep you purchasing expensive retail price ink cartridges for your printer.

Printers these days are ridiculously cheap, however the cartridges that are repurchased are very expensive and sometimes it seems like a better idea just to purchase a brand new machine.

Ink cartridge refills allow businesses and consumers to save money and the environment by refilling used cartridges.

Click on video below on reconditioned ink cartridges and the benefits of using them.