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Will Using Refilled Cartridges Void the Printer Manufacturer’s Warranty?

The Trade Practices Act 1974 requires OEM’s to honour the terms of their printer warranty, unless they are able to prove that printer damage has been caused by a factor outside its control.

It is prohibited by the Act for Companies to state that customers should use only the original products when other products are available that will work with the specified machine.
It is an offence for a company technician or representative to be involved in misleading or deceptive conduct. Deceptive conduct includes a situation where a technician states to a customer that a generic, refilled or remanufactured product has caused damage to the machine without appropriate evidence & details in a written statement.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits the manufacturer of the printer you are using from voiding the warranty, because you use a refilled or remanufactured cartridge.

Is there a risk using a refilled cartridge?

No, there should be no difference in the print quality after the cartridge is refilled. Our 100% money back guarantee is a sign of our confidence and removes the risk from you trying our services. Ask about our Try Before You Buy option!

How many times can a cartridge be refilled?

The number of refills depends on many factors but, most importantly, how well you take care of your cartridge. A well cared for cartridge can be refilled multiple times.

Do refilled ink cartridges last as long as new?

Yes, we closely match or in many cases exceed the amount of ink you get in a new cartridge. All our cartridges are filled to maximum safe capacity and are weighed before distribution.

Are your ink cartridges only refilled or are they re-manufactured, i.e. are parts replaced during the refill process?

All Ink Gallery cartridges are thoroughly cleaned and inspected to determine suitability for re-manufacturing. If the ink cartridge has a microchip in it, either the microchip is replaced with a new chip or in certain cases, the chip is re-set. All cartridges are weighted and tested after refilling to verify that ink is flowing through the nozzles correctly.

How do refilled ink cartridges compare with brand new originals for quality and price?

Our customers should not notice any difference in the quality between refilled and new ink cartridges. Our head office produces our own inks that are formulated specific for each cartridge model to match the original manufacturer’s colours ensuring the highest quality print. The ink quality is so close to the original’s that it is hard to detect the difference with the original ink in printing quality. Depending on the cartridge, customers can save up to 70% over buying a new manufacturer’s replacement cartridge.

When should I refill a cartridge?

We recommend that you refill a cartridge as soon as the print quality begins to degrade. Continuing to print a cartridge that is running dry will damage it and reduce the possibility of being refilled. It’s much better to have a spare set of replacement cartridges to protect and extend the life of your cartridges.

What if there is a problem with my cartridge and it can’t be refilled?

We can recycle the cartridge for you. We provide you with an original or generic replacement cartridge or an Ink Gallery branded cartridge which can be refilled on your next visit.

How long does it take to refill my cartridge?

It depends on how many cartridges you need and most of the time we can refill them while you wait, and enjoy a coffee on us. Or you could just use our swap 'n' go plan and change over your cartridge for an Ink Gallery branded cartridge.

Why use Ink Gallery Nowra?

We value our clients and want you to save. To encourage you to recycle and save we offer you, your first ink refill Free! You must join the VIP Club to qualify and bring two empty cartridges in.

How do I get the most out of my inkjet cartridges and reduce my printing costs.

When the ink monitor on your printer alerts you that your cartridge is running low, you may still have as much as 25% ink left. Continue to print until the printing starts to fade and then replace your cartridge. Remember to keep a spare second set of cartridges so you don’t run out. Set your printer to print double sided and save on paper costs.

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